Prof.Dr. Stan URYASEV

Stan Uryasev is George & Rolande Willis Endowed Professor, director of the Risk Management and Financial Engineering Lab at the University of Florida. His research is focused on efficient computer modeling and optimization techniques and their applications in finance and DOD projects. He published three books (monograph and two edited volumes) and more than 130 research papers. He is a co-inventor of the Conditional Value-at-Risk and the Conditional Drawdown-at-Risk optimization methodologies. He is developing optimization software in risk management area: VaR, CVaR, Default Probability, Drawdown, Credit Risk minimization.


Stan Uryasev is a frequent speaker at academic and professional conferences. He has delivered seminars on the topics of risk management and stochastic optimization. He is on the editorial board of a number of research journals and is Editor Emeritus and Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Risk.